dimanche 9 décembre 2012

ZeBookmark of the day 09-12-2012

Computer (coding, Cryptography, DB, Hacking, Networking, OS, Security, Software)

Economy (Entrepreneurship, Job, Stock Market)

Entertainement (Anime, Audio Book, Brain Fart, Cinema, Comic Strip, E-Book, Gaming, Geeked, Music, Netcast, News, Pub, Sport, Travel, XXX)

Hardware (DIY, Hardline, Military, PC, Radio, Smartphone, TV, Car)


Social (Common Sense, Cyberwar, Engineering, Experiement, History, Manif, Network, Philosophy, Politic, Psychology, Warfare)

Underground (Anonymousity, Conspiracy Theory, Lockpicking, Stalking, Spying, Urban Exploration)

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